Grief2joy is a program that will take you through the steps and activities you can do to establish new purpose and passion  for yourself and your family. At grief2joy.com you will learn:  
  1.   how to refocus your grief, and help others who are going through hard times.   
  2.   how to take the focus off of yourself and your grief, and turn negative emotions into positive actions.  
  3.   to brainstorm ideas for keeping your child's memory alive by making positive changes in the world around you.  
  4.   to give yourself permission to move forward with your new life .  
  5.   to laugh again and be happy without feeling guilty.  
  6.   to enjoy and be passionate about life again and put your God-given creativity to work.  
  7.   to accept your new life and embrace the personal and spiritual growth you will achieve.    
  8.   what God has to say about you and your new life and discover His purpose for your future.  
  9.   how amazing and strong you are.  
  10. to share your story, ideas, and feelings with other bereaved parents who can relate to you.