The Spiritual Support section addresses the spiritual side of your healing. Surviving the death of a child is the greatest challenge you will face in life. In order for you to be made whole again, you need to address and rebuild all aspects of your life--body, mind and spirit.

My goal is to help you discover God's purpose for your new life and how your experiences can help others. I will use scripture references, positive quotes and other means to help you grow through your experience on a spiritual level.

Let me start by saying I am not a minister, preacher or therapist; but as a Christian, I can share my experiences with you. Seeking spiritual support during difficult times will make rebuilding your life much easier, because you will have God's help and strength.

Peace & Blessings!


                 SPIRITUAL SUPPORT 

SS Lesson 1 - God's Purpose

SS Lesson 2 - Finding Your Purpose

SS Lesson 3 - Knowing God Through His Word

SS Lesson 4 - Prayer

SS Lesson 5 - Salvation & Heaven

SS Lesson 6 - God is Calling You