1.  Think of this web site as being similar to a college course that will take time to complete. Remember that your whole life has been turned upside down, and it will take time to re-establish stability and find new purpose for your life as you deal with the loss of your child or other loss.   
  2. THIS IS NOT A CHRISTIAN WEB SITE! Grief2joy is not just for Christians. You will find many scripture references and Christian principles, because that's what works for me, and it's the only way I know how to teach. Feel free to disregard any information that doesn't apply to you. The web site still offers lots of helpful information for you.  
  3.  Grief2joy consists of Spiritual and New Life Lessons. Each lesson is to be practiced for at least two weeks (preferably three) before moving on to the next lesson. You should do one Spiritual and one New Life lesson every two to three weeks.  
  4.  We don't recommend going through the lessons too fast. If you do, you might get overwhelmed and be tempted to quit the program. Also, if you take them too fast, you won't be able to establish new habits that will last. It takes three weeks (21 days) to firmly establish a new habit.  
  5.  When you see text in blue, click on it for more information on that subject.  
  6.  When you see scripture references, feel free to go to your Bible and read the entire chapter where the scripture is found so that you can read it in context and get the full meaning.  
  7.  The "About Your Child" page contains a questionnaire that you can print and fill in. Refer back to it from time to time, and add things as they come to mind. This will be valuable to you as time goes by and small details about your child's life begin to fade.  
  8.  Visit the Message Board to record your story, write letters to your child, add positive quotes or share your feelings. There's also a Blog where you can share your thoughts.  
  9. We suggest that you pray every day while doing this program so that you will always be tuned in to what God wants to show you through each lesson. Start your prayer time with The Lord's Prayer, then the New Life Parent's Prayer. (Refer to SS Lesson 4 - Prayer, and the "Prayers" tab under Spiritual Support.) This will become second nature after a while, and you will develop your own routine and style of prayer. Remember, God wants to hear from you so He can bless you!  
  10.  As you go through the lessons, it will seem like a lot to absorb. You will find that the lessons and activities most important to you will stick with you and others will fall by the wayside. That was my intention--to create something for everyone.   
  11.  Grief2joy is a work in progress. New lessons and features will constantly be added to the web site. If you don't want to do the program now, please bookmark it for the future, and keep checking back to see what's new. We also have plans for making New Life Parent tee-shirts, ribbons, and other items available just for us.  
  12.  Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, prayer requests, and suggestions for lessons. Also visit us at our Facebook page and become a friend of Grief2joy